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There are several ways to Submit to Search Engines. The best way is to manually submit your url to each search engine. The next most popular is going through a web submission form such as below. The third most popular way is to use software the submits to search engines for you. Be careful when using a paid submission service. We highly recommend submitting manually, 2 pages per domain per day tops not exceeding 30 at any time, and resubmitting every 60 to 90 days. Remember, if your site is not optimized, it will not rank. Make sure to add Meta Tags and read our expert articles on optimization and search engine news here

Manual Submission to Major Search Engines:

Before you submit, are your pages optimized? See our Marketing Tips for the lowdown on who updates who and use the Meta Tag Generator to get that page ranked high!

It is always safer, and more productive to take a few minutes to submit manually. It is usually ok to auto submit to minor engines, just make sure you are not submitting to the sames engines twice. For questions, please interact at our forums.

General Search Engines


Search Engine


General Rules of Thumb:
Submit no more than 2 pages per domain per day that focus on different keywords to avoid spamdexing.  Avoid submitting more than 30 pages per domain at any time.  Follow the rules outlined by each engine carefully.
Click Engine Name to Go to Directly to Submit Page
Alexa Partnered with Google. Only submit if your URL does not yet appear in Alexa.
Google Updates Aol and Netscape default search 6-12 weeks for addition.
Submitted pages take @ 4 weeks to appear.
MSN Powered by MSN.
NightSurf MSN Adult Search. Pointless, but you can try.. Open Directory Project  * Important now for indexing of Netscape, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape, AOL, Google, and a host of smaller search engine directories. Again, pointless but you can try.
EntireWeb Small Engine/WorldLight Network: Accepts submissions from, express inclusion to Entireweb,,,
Exact Seek ExactSeek is a Meta-tag search engine. Your site will not be added if it lacks Title and Meta Description tags. powers (,,, and
SingingFish Accuired by AOL, SingingFish is a Multimedia search engine, “audio video search,” “streaming media search” and “multimedia search”
ScrubTheWeb You may submit only one URL per email address per day.
Yahoo Search Marketing
Powered by Overture, Looksmart, DMOZ, and Infospace. No longer free submission.
Yahoo Paid Inclusion Paid listings only for Business/Shopping/Services anything Commercial. $300 – $600! Now Using its own Search Engine for listings. Recently Purchased Inktomi.
Lycos Paid submission via Lycos Insite
LookSmart Updates  Excite, Altavista, MSN, iWon and other popular directory results.
Ask Jeeves/Teoma Human Powered Searches, some results appear on altavista. Can be express submitted through Position
OTHER ENGINES Easy Add URL feature- Directory!
Jayde Online Required Site Registration, Only Includes the Index page of a web site. This is a human reviewed directory.
Splut UK based banner-free engine. Accepts UK sites only.
WiseNut Acquired by Looksmart. You can submit to Looksmart.
Answerz Now Powered by Yahoo- AU NZ engine. NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS.

Pay Per Click Engines

Google Adwords Google AdWords ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they’re looking for your products or services. The Google Network reaches more than 80% of Internet users.
Yahoo Sponsored Search It only takes a $5 deposit to open a Sponsored Search account.¹ Your click-through charges (the cost you pay for each click-through) are deducted from this amount. After that, you can spend as much or as little as you like each month based on the keywords you select and how much you bid for each one.
Kanoodle Pay-Per-Click Engine with Search lisings powered by Inktomi.
GenieKnows Partnered with BrianFox, Marsfind, Findology,
Ah-ha Targeted pay-per-click advertising programs, including Paid Lisings, contextual Advertising, and Guaranteed Inclusion
7 Search Pay Per Ranking According to independent traffic ranker, is the second most visited pay-per-placement search engine in the world.

Please Note: Always consult with a professional before doing any submissions. Your site must maintaining 100% uptime after first submissions. Please do not submit if you plan to move your site in the next 8 weeks.