How to Get Traffic to Your Adult Website

Wow, you’ve gotten to the point where you have a site up and running, and you’re waiting for the money to roll in.

Where are the visitors?!?

Everyone uses one of the top 5 search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN,, or, but a little known fact amongst those new to the game, is that your site doesn’t just end up there magically. If you wait for the search engines to rank your site, you’re going to be out of business long before that happens. Besides, you ever do a search on google for porn?

As of this article, there are¬†226,000,000¬†results for the word porn. Granted, you’ll have a more niche market and content, but generally you’re going to have to do some work to get your website in front of potential visitors. We’ll have many articles on various subjects for you to reaed, but this is a general overview of the different types of advertising that you can do for your products or services.

  1. Optimize your website so that the search engines will pick up on it naturally. You’ll want to strive to be on the first 2 pages of results. To jus tget on the search engines, it could take 3-6 months, and there is no guarantee of where you will show up.
  2. List yourself on various directories. This website is a great resource for how to get your site on directories and to share your link.
  3. The single best way for you to get traffic is to pay for advertising. This very website pays its entire staff and the bills by offering ads on select pages, and you bette rbelieve that if these ads didn’t bring traffic to the respective sponsors, that they would not advertise here. You can advertise on many different websites but you’ll want to research the amount of traffic that they get and how many prospective vistors will see your ad. Don’t worry about designing the graphic for your ad because sites will typicall offer that service for free or an additional cost.
  4. Do what we do. Create content, create a blog, do anything that gives people a reason to visit your site besides the images and videos you have. A popular tactic is to post samples of free images on your blog and that would entice ppl to sign up.
  5. Thumbnail Gallery Post (TGP) employ a variety of schemes to trade traffic with other TGPs; signing up for these trades is usually easy and free for other TGP owners. Perhaps the most basic trade is to link to other TGP sites. In a a nutshell, you provide free galleries of your content to share on these TGP websites, they will utilize your gallery page, which will contain a link to your site. This is a very effective way of getting traffic.

Getting traffic to your website is a lengthy process and will not happen overnight. You will need to employ all of the tactics mentioned and be creative. Keep with it and before you know it you’ll have a steady stream of traffic.