Generating Revenue with Adult Affiliate Programs

What are Adult Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are a way of making money, selling other people’s services. In our industry, it means that you will have links and banners on your websites that will be provided to you by the different affiliate programs. Another alternative is to do your own creative marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate’s websites.

The most common type of program is based upon commission and they will pay you either a set amount or percentage, per sale.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on the right affiliate programs for you:

  1. Read, Read Read – Read the FAQ’s, read reviews of that program on google, read about the content they’re providing. Find out how much you have to sell before you get a check.
  2. Choose Wisely – If your website is called, then you certainly wouldn’t want to be part of an affiliate program that caters to overweight nuns. Use common sense and choose a program that is within your niche.
  3. Demand – If you don’t think that anyone would want to click a link or see the content that an affiliate offers, then odds are, neither will anyone else. Check to see if there is a lot of demand for content that you are thinking of promoting. Do some research online to see if others are finding success, or failure, with it.
  4. Payday – Find out when you will get paid, how the payment happens. The most common methods of payment are bank transfer, paypal, and company check.
  5. Credibility – Research online to find out if there are any complaints about the company you’re looking to market for. Make sure you’re not getting involved in a scam. Odds are, if you can’t find a single thing online about them that is positive, that it could be a bad idea to join up with them.


Locate an affiliate program by payout type: Pay per signup (flat fee per join), Recurring or RevShare programs (partnership or sponsor programs where you earn a percentage of each sale including monthly recurring), and pay per click. You can also earn commission on adult products by setting up a cobranded adult store and adding it to your site as a feature or by simply sending traffic to selected products or categories through text links or banners. The last is gaming affiliate programs, where casino, poker, and sports contests tend to reach the same demographic as porn. Explore them all here and start making money today .

Affiliate marketing can be frustrating and you might make some bad decisions, but if you give it time you might end up learning a thing or two, and making some money along the way.